Plushie Cook: Food Maker

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Plushie Cook: Food Maker

Plushie Cook is a game about having a tea party with charming stuffed toy. In “Plushie Cook” your children will have safe kitchen environment in which they can explore and learn new details about the day to day life. Here they can cook, mix, wash and eat without you being concerned about them. Having absolute freedom to touch, cook, wash or even make some mess will teach them to be more initiative. Another really important aspect of this game is the communication between you and your child. We can guarantee you your kid will have fun on it’s own, but one of the greatest benefits of this game is the opportunity to teach your child the things that are considered common sense for adults. “Be careful with the blender” or “Don’t open the oven while it’s on” or even “You should wash your plate after you finished eating” would be great lessons and will encourage your little one to engage even more with the game. We do understand the importance of the educational methods in a child game, but is it really a game if it’s not fun? We have packed the game with colorful effects and hidden gems. Some of them are: * Adorable face animations to the Plushie – if the food is not cooked right, it will definitely let you know. * A lot of animations around the kitchen – star explosion after another successful meal, different colors of the food for different recipes. * 6 extremely fun and engaging mini games * Relaxing soundtrack and cute sound effects This is the second game of the “Plushie” brand. We try our best to give to you and your child a fun, educational and bonding experience. If you like “Plushie Cook” and you want more similar games, we would recommend you to try “Plushie Creator” too. We work hard so we can offer believable and fun world and we hope you enjoy the game.

For Parents

Dear parents, Thank you for your interest in Plushie Cook: Food Maker. We put a lot of passion and effort to make sure that your kids have a safe environment to explore and expand their imagination.

The power of pretend play

The main goal of “Plushie Cook” is to develop children fantasy and creativity. In psychology this is known as “pretend play” or “imaginative play”, but science aside – we all understand the need and importance of child’s imagination. Being able to make up stories and fictional characters is in the base of more complex aspects of people such as empathy, social skills and creativity.

How to play and what to talk about with your children

“Plushie Cook” is a game best played when it’s role played. In their early age the best way for kids to learn is interaction. We recommend you to stand by your children side while it plays and engage in conversations about what’s going on the screen. This would be a great moment to explain why the oven shouldn’t be touched when it’s on or how important it is to clean your dishes after eating thus engaging them in the housework.