Plushie Creator

Plushie Creator is a game focused on developing imagination, creativity and empathy in your child. One of the main concepts behind the game is based on the so called “Pretend Play”. According to multiple studies “Pretend Play” is a healthy and important part of every child’s social, emotional and cognitive development and is strongly recommended to be supported by parents or educators. The process of pretending builds skills in many essential development areas. When your child engages in pretend play, he is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. With the right help from parents, Pretend Play could also be helpful to build deduction skills. A dialogue like this could go as:

“Why is your plushie wearing a hat?”

“Because it likes to go out a lot!”

“To go out? But does he go out alone or with friends?”

“With friends! My plushie has a lot of friends…”

“Tell me more about them!”

This type of conversation can be directed in many different situations and it will always be helpful and fun. Doing this your child can also build self-esteem when he discovers he can be anything just by pretending!

Plushie Creator is a game about making your own companion. We all had our own toys. They could’ve varied from truck toys to action figures. Or plush toys. Plush toys have played a great role in a lot of people lives and we in Plush Soft believe that those shouldn’t be forgotten just because of the digital era. We believe that giving an adorable, interactive and personal plushie to your child is not only a great app – it is the right thing to do! In Plushie Creator, your child can make his choice on the Plushie’s fur and accessories. All of this in fully interactable, colorful room, full of toys and other hidden treasures. As far as developing real character for the Plushie – we strongly recommend this game to be played with parent on the side, because we see the parent-child communication as key factor in “Plushie Creator”

This is only the first game of the “Plushie” brand and we really hope that in near future “Plush Soft” will be able to offer a series of games in which your child’s plushie will live. We believe that we can offer believable and fun world for you and your children.  We hope you enjoy this game at least as much as we enjoyed making it.

For Parents

Dear parents,
Thank you for your interest in Plushie Creator.
We put a lot of passion and effort to make sure that your kids have a safe environment to explore and expand their imagination.


The power of pretend play

The main goal of “Plushie Creator” is to develop children fantasy and creativity. In psychology this is known as “pretend play” or “imaginative play”, but science aside – we all understand the need and importance of child’s imagination. Being able to make up stories and fictional characters is in the base of more complex aspects of people such as empathy, social skills and creativity.


How to play and what to talk about with your children

“Plushie Creator” is interactive game. For best possible experience for you and your kid, you should talk about the game and more important – the character your kid is creating. What is the Plushie name? What does it like to eat? What it doesn’t? Which is his favourite toy in the room and is this your kid’s favourite toy too? Ask why your kid picked those colors and accessories. Why does the Plushie needs his hat? This game provokes exploration of how small ideas are connecting to each other. Hopefully it would lead to few funny stories and a great companion to your little ones.